• Visit the traditional village Krasi. On the highest spot of the village you can find the "Great Fountain", a natural spring with an abundance of water, which waters a big region with a lot of fruit trees. Near the spring, you can see a gigantic plane tree with a trunk circumference of 24 meters. The plane tree is known for its size and age, which is estimated to be around 1800-2000 years old.

• Visit the abbey of Virgin Mary "Kera Kardiotisa".

• Visit the cave of Psichro above the village Psichro (municipality of Lasithi plateau), on the altitude of 1020 meters. It is one internationaly known cave, with both archeological and mythological importance. The myth says that Rea, hiding from Kronos's madness, gave birth to Zeus in this very cave.

• Admire the view from Lasithi plateau. The plateau is also known for its graphic windmills. During 1950 and 1960 the plateau was one of the first wind farms in Europe. There were about 10-13 thousand windmills drawing underground water, which they used to water the crops.

• Visit the traditional village of Mochos.

Estimated time : 5-6 hours

Rate per hour:  60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)

Every excursion can be adjusted to your own needs and requirements.

**The price does not include tickets, entrance fees & guides.

***Let us know beforehand in case you want us to hire a guide for you.