• Messara Valley. Messara is a big valley of south Crete, in Heraklion, leading to the sea on the west. It is the main source of olive oil on the island.

• Visit the archeological site of Gortina. Gortina was an ancient town, capital of Crete and Cyrene during the Roman times. 

• Visit the archeological site of Festos. Festos was the second greatest town of Crete around 2000 B.C., after Knosos, and is an archeological site of great importance.

• Matala. Matala is a small village by the sea and well known beach of south Crete. The beach had been inhabited since ancient times, and became famous as a home for the hippies during the 60s and 70s.

• Visit the traditional village of Pyrgos.

Estimated time : 6-7 hours

Rate per hour:  60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)

Every excursion can be adjusted to your own needs and requirements.

**The price does not include tickets, entrance fees & guides.

***Let us know beforehand in case you want us to hire a guide for you.