• Visit Richti canyon. It is one goverment-protected park near Ekso Mouliana of Sitita. The rich vegetation (mainly plane trees, wild berries, local flowers and herbs) and the wildlife (mainly local butterfly species, small reptiles, birds, and little mamals) can be spotted along the path, along with old stone bridges and watermills, leading to Richti waterfal and the beach, making the path of the canyon one of the most unique hiking experiences on Crete.

• Stop at Sitia. Sitia is a beach town of east Crete and Lasithi.

• Visit Vai beach. The palm tree forest of Vai is one of the most beautiful forests in Greece. Vai is a very important location for Europe, for the reason that it is the only place in Eurioe where you can see a forest of "Phoenix theophrastii" trees.

• Visit the abbey of Toplou. The abbey of Toplou is one widely known abbey in east Crete. The original name of the abbey is "Virgin Mary Akrotiriani", as it's seen on documents and stamps from the 15th and 16th century. The name "Toplou" is fir the first time seen in turkish documents in 1673.

Estimated time : 8-9 hours

Rate per hour:  60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)

Every excursion can be adjusted to your own needs and requirements.

**The price does not include tickets, entrance fees & guides.

***Let us know beforehand in case you want us to hire a guide for you.