• Anogeia is located 36km away from Heraklion on an altitude of 800 meters. Anogeia was inhabited for the first time before 1182, which leaded to Crete being split in 12 feudal families of Byzantium. Due to the respect and love the villagers felt for the cultural heritage, considering their customs, Anogeia is considered to be the center of all modern Cretan culture. Many great families from Anogeia have contributed to, not only Creta tradition, but also the whole Greece's. 10km away from Anogeia, on the altitude of 1300 meters, spring "Zominthos" can be found, with rich waters. The spring is the main water source of Anogeia. On the west side of the village you can see the archelogical site of Zominthos.

Estimated time : 5-6 hours

Rate per hour:  60,00 € (mini van 1-8 seats)

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